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Driving test 2018: official DVSA guide

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Driving test changes: parking in a bay

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DVSA syllabus for the B car driving test

  • The Cockpit Drill – the safety checks you make each time you enter the car.
  • Getting Moving – getting ready to drive.
  • Gears – how to make gear changes.
  • Steering – how to steer safely using the pull and push method.
  • Co-ordination – how to put it all together and move off safely.
  • The Emergency Stop.
  • The Hazard Drill & Basic Junctions – how to safely negotiate minor roads.
  • Crossroads.
  • Busier Junctions.
  • Roundabouts.
  • Pedestrian Crossings & Traffic Signals.
  • Hazard Perception & Defensive Driving.
  • Dual-Carriageways.
  • Town & City Centre Driving.
  • Progressive Driving – more rural roads, negotiating bends and overtaking.
  • Manoeuvres – reversing, parking and turning the car around.
  • Independent Driving – following road signs, diagrams or directions from the examiner.
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